3R Pallet Macro System

3R Pallet
3R Pallet MaxxMagnum with 4MaxxMacro QuickChucks

Introduction to the Macro Workholding System

In today’s fast-paced machining environment, maximizing machine uptime is key to staying competitive. Experience consistently demonstrates that reducing idle times is far more impactful than solely focusing on shaving seconds off the machining process itself.

The solution? A stable and precise reference system that allows for off-machine presetting, minimizing setup times and maximizing productivity.

Advantages of the Macro Workholding System

A stable and exact reference system forms the foundation for streamlined workholding. This translates to swift and accurate machine setup, minimizing idle time and boosting spindle utilization. Furthermore, equipping machines with the same system allows for seamless electrode and workpiece transfer between them. No realignment is necessary, further streamlining production processes and minimizing setup times overall.

Introduction to basic products

3R Drawbar MaxxMacro MX-605DB-10


The 3R drawbar is effortlessly locked into any MaxxMacro® pallet, facilitating pallet clamping into a chuck. Various 3R drawbar models are available to suit different chuck types, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

MaxxMacro Chuck MX-3RM56W


The fundamental component for setting up your machine with the MaxxMacro® system, chucks offer precise mounting of MaxxMacro products while maintaining coordinates with 0.002mm repeatability. Available in manual or pneumatic options, chucks cater to a range of applications and operational preferences.

3R Pallet - MaxxMacro MX-3R70SPC-30

3R Pallet

From standard stainless cast 3R pallet to precision-machined MaxxPerformance 3R pallet, our 3R pallet come in sizes of 54mm or 70mm to accommodate diverse workholding needs. They enable seamless coupling into chucks and are often included with our products for added convenience.

What else?

In addition to 3R pallet, chucks, and 3R drawbars, our product range includes adapters, extensions, masters and gauges, collet chucks, Wire EDM systems, self-centering vises, and probes, catering to a wide array of machining requirements. If you have specific needs that are not currently met by our offerings, we are open to expanding our product range to better serve you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your inquiries.

For larger workpieces, consider exploring our MaxxMagnum series for enhanced capabilities.