MaxxMacro 116MM 3R Pallet Stainless One Piece Performance

MaxxMacro 116MM HP 3R Pallet Stainless Integrated Reference Element is our one-piece design with integrated MaxxMacro Pallet Ø75mm MaxxPerformance.

This 3r pallet comes hardened and ready to run with your custom mounting pattern installed. Basic holes and dowels are included in the list price. 

Please contact us for more details.

MaxxMacro Performance 116MM Stainless 3R Pallet One Piece with integrated MaxxMacro 3R Pallet Ø75mm MaxxPerformance
Material: Stainless Steel 440c Rust Resistant Hardened, this is not a cast 3r pallet.
Size: 156MM

100% cross-compatible with System 3R Magnum Tooling Systems 3R-601.116-75PA, 3R-601.52, 3R-651.75E-P