MaxxMacro 116MM Unhardened 3R Pallet with MaxxMacro HP Pallet Ø75mm

MaxxMacro 116MM 3R Pallet Unhardened  is made of 440C stainless and is unhardened and ready for machining. The 2 piece design includes a MaxxMacro HP 3R Pallet Ø75mm – MaxxPerformance reference element mounted and ready to run. MaxxMacro 3R Pallets are 100% cross compatible with System 3R Macro Systems.

Rust Resistant unhardened 3R pallet, and hardened MaxxMacro HP Pallet Ø75mm reference element. These are not a cast 3R pallets

MaxxMacro 116MM HP 3R Pallet Stainless 2 piece with mounted MaxxMacro HP 3R Pallet Ø75mm – MaxxPerformance Reference element 
Material: Stainless Steel 440c Rust Resistant unhardened
Size: 156MM
Repeatability: 0.002 mm (0.00008“)

100% cross compatible with System 3R Magnum Tooling Systems  3R-601.116-75PA 3R-601.52 3R-651.75E-P