MaxxMacro 54 Spacer with Performance 3R Pallet mounted

MaxxMacro 54 HP Spacer 70MM with Performance 3R Pallet mounted 30MM Ground Height electrode holder. Includes proper chip pocket for automated robotic loading.

Overall Height 30MM Ground

MaxxMacro 54 Spacer 54MM with HP 3R Pallet mounted 30MM Height, Repetition accuracy: – within 0.002 mm, Precision Ground 
Material: 420C Stainless Block Machined and Hardened (spacer) 3R Pallet 440C Stainless Machined premium 3R pallet
Size: 54*54*30mm  
Repetition accuracy: – within 0.002 mm
Mounted directly on plane surface of blank.

100% cross compatible with System 3R Macro Tooling Systems