MaxxMacro 70 Performance Macro 3R Pallet with 6mm Dowels

MaxxMacro 70 Performance 3R Pallet 70MM with 6mm Precision Dowels MaxxPerformance 3R Pallets are 100% cross compatible with System 3R 3R-601.7E-P 3R-601.7-P Macro Pallets.

MaxxMacro Macro 3R Pallet 70MM – MaxxPerformance is machined from solid block 440C Stainless Steel and provides the highest performance, quality and rigidity available.

Material: 440C Stainless Block Machined and Hardened. This is not a cast pallet.
Size: 70*70*12.5mm
Precision Dowels 6mm and Precision Ground Top and Bottom
Mounted directly on plane surface of blank.