MaxxMagnum 3R Pallet MM68171 Magnum Reference Element

MaxxMagnum MM68171 Reference Element 3R Pallet Ø142 mm- MaxxPerformance is 100% cross compatible with System 3R Magnum products, 3R-681.71 142MM Magnum 3R Pallet.

MaxxMagnum Magnum Reference 3R Pallet is machined from solid S136 Stainless and rockwell is HRC 43~45, for superior performance and rigidity. This is a high performance pallet.

Rust Resistant hardened 3R pallet. This is not a Cast 3R pallet.

MaxxMagnum HP Magnum Reference Pallet Rust Resistant High Performance
Repeatability: 0.002 mm (0.00008“)
Material: Stainless Steel S136 

100% Cross compatible with System 3R Magnum Tooling Systems 3R-681.71