MaxxMagnum 3R Pallet Stainless Ø156MM MXRefix

MaxxMagnum Stainless 3R Pallet Ø156 mm MXRefix is 100% cross compatible with System 3R Macro Magnum products  3R-681.51 3Refix Compatible Stainless 3R Pallet Ø156 mm

Hardened 3R pallet with threads and clearance holes for eight and ten fixing holes. 

Rust Resistant hardened 3R pallet.

MaxxMagnum Hardened Stainless 3Refix Ø10 mm one piece with integrated MaxxMagnum Reference element
Material: Stainless Steel 440c Rust Resistant
Size: 156MM
Repeatability: 0.002 mm (0.00008“)