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Tailored Material Options: Choose from Stainless Casted or MaxxPerformance 3R Pallet for optimal durability and performance.
Versatile Sizing: Find the ideal size, like MaxxMacro 54 or 70, to match your system, enhancing versatility.
Effortless Workpiece Mounting: Attach workpieces directly to the 3R pallet, saving costs and space without bulky vises.


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Enhanced Grip with Dowels: Benefit from strategically placed holes for dowels, ensuring optimal grip and force distribution.
Streamlined Workflow Adaptability: Utilize spacers for customization and chip pockets for robotic loading, enhancing workflow flexibility.
Seamless Integration: Enjoy compatibility with all Macro system drawbars, ensuring operational convenience and minimal maintenance.
3R Pallet - MaxxMacro MX-70PALD6MM

High Strength & Rigidity

The 3R Pallet is engineered to deliver exceptional strength and rigidity, forming a rock-solid foundation for precise clamping in even the most demanding workholding applications.

Compact Design

The 3R Pallet’s compact design minimizes its footprint on your work table or machine bed, freeing up valuable real estate for other essential tools and equipment.

Downward Compatibility

Seamless integration of a 54 3R Pallet across 54, 70, and Magnum chucks, significantly enhancing versatility and simplifying operations.

Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality materials, the 3R Pallet is built to withstand demanding workholding applications. A reliable workholding platform that performs consistently over the long term.

Corrosion-Resistant Finish

Harsh environments and fluids are no match for the 3R Pallet’s optional corrosion-resistant finish. This protective layer safeguards the 3R pallet from rust, chemicals, and other corrosive elements, extending its lifespan and ensuring optimal performance even in demanding conditions.

Low Maintenance

The 3R Pallet prioritizes minimal maintenance needs. Its well-engineered design ensures smooth operation and minimizes the need for frequent adjustments or repairs.

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