Overview of 3R Pallet

3R Pallet - MaxxMacro 3R Pallets Collections
3R Pallet – MaxxMacro 3R Pallets Collections

At the heart of the Macro workholding system lies the indispensable 3R Pallet, engineered to revolutionize workflow efficiency across a spectrum of industries. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail and durability, it serves as an unwavering foundation for securing and manipulating workpieces of diverse dimensions and complexities.

Functionality and Application

Integral to the core functionality of the Macro workholding system alongside the Chuck, the 3R Pallet plays a pivotal role in furnishing a secure and stable base for workpieces during machining, assembly, and other processes, with an impressive repeatability of 0.002mm referenced to the chuck.

3R Pallet Key Features


Available in a myriad of materials and qualities tailored to specific requirements, ranging from economical Stainless Casted 3R Pallets with optional plating for corrosion resistance, to the premium MaxxPerformance 3R Pallet machined from solid Stainless 440C, ensuring rust resistance and heightened workload capacity. Each 3R Pallet guarantees unparalleled strength, rigidity, and longevity.


Equipped with strategically positioned holes for accommodating up to 4 dowels, with MaxxPerformance 440c Machined 3R Pallets boasting finished holes, arranged equidistantly on a 42mm diameter bolt circle. These meticulously crafted holes, available in inches (1/4″) or metric (6mm), enhance grip between the 3R Pallet and workpiece, optimizing workload force distribution.

Sizes and Downward Compatibility:

Available in various sizes tailored to specific system requirements (MaxxMacro 54, MaxxMacro 70, MaxxMagnum), offering a wide array of options to cater to individual needs. Furthermore, the system facilitates downward compatibility, enabling seamless integration of a 54 3R Pallet across 54, 70, and Magnum chucks, significantly enhancing versatility and simplifying operations.

Easy Workpiece Mount:

Facilitates effortless mounting of workpieces atop the pallet through the simple creation of 4 threaded holes and optional dowels, presenting a cost-effective and high-quality solution for securing components within the Macro Workholding system. Bid farewell to overrated vises, as direct attachment to the pallet not only saves costs but also conserves valuable machine space.


Supplemented by an array of spacers directly affixed to the pallets, enhancing interchangeability and customization of mounted workpieces while featuring dedicated chip pockets for automated robotic loading, further streamlining workflow adaptability.


Available in diverse sizes and configurations to accommodate a myriad of application needs, considerations include workpiece size and weight, modularity, Macro system format, clamping force requirements, and desired automation levels.

Other Features

Compact Design: Boasts a space-saving low-profile design, allowing for the accommodation of large workpieces with a mere 13mm clearance, optimizing workspace utilization.

Drawbar Compatibility: All 3R Pallets are compatible with Macro system drawbars, ensuring seamless integration and operational convenience.

Low Maintenance: Engineered for minimal maintenance demands, maximizing operational uptime and efficiency.

Inclusion in All Products: MaxxMacro products are equipped with pallets as standard, ensuring immediate readiness upon purchase, streamlining setup and deployment.


In summary, the 3R Pallet emerges as the quintessential choice for businesses aiming to optimize workholding efficiency. Its robust construction, versatile functionality, and customizable options render it an invaluable asset across myriad applications. With its user-friendly design and minimal maintenance requirements, the 3R Pallet empowers businesses to achieve peak performance and drive bottom-line growth.

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